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    The Accordion container (added in B4J v5.0) is a container similar to TabPane. It holds TitledPanes. These are panes with titles.

    Using the accordion is quite simple. Add the Accordion node with the designer and create a layout file for each of the TitledPanes.

    Sub AppStart (Form1 As Form, Args() As String)
       MainForm = Form1
    "Pane1""Pane 1")
    "Pane2""Pane 2")
    "Pane3""Pane 3")
    End Sub
    It is recommended to use anchors in the layouts so the layout will be resized automatically based on the available size.

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  3. Erel

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    Can the TitledPanes Titles be set using other methods than the LoadLayout?
    I would like to preate the TitledPanes in code, and add view to the panes in code.
  5. Erel

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    This is a mistake in most cases.

    You can create an empty layout and load it whenever you need. You can also create a layout file with some of the views, load it and add the "dynamic" views programmatically.
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