Android Question Activity.AddmenuItem2 - How does it work?


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If i write:
    Activity.AddMenuItem2("Menu 1","Menu", LoadBitmap(File.DirAssets, "imgMenu1.png"))
    Activity.AddMenuItem2("Menu 2","Menu", LoadBitmap(File.DirAssets, "imgMenu2.png"))
    Activity.AddMenuItem2("Menu 3","Menu", LoadBitmap(File.DirAssets, "imgMenu3.png"))
'the menu appears with only the 3 texts, without icons

and ifi write

    Activity.AddMenuItem3("Menu 11","Menu", LoadBitmap(File.DirAssets, "imgMenu1.png"),True)
    Activity.AddMenuItem3("Menu 22","Menu", LoadBitmap(File.DirAssets, "imgMenu2.png"),True)
    Activity.AddMenuItem3("Menu 33","Menu", LoadBitmap(File.DirAssets, "imgMenu3.png"),True)

'imgMenu1 appears next to the 3 dots. By clicking on the 3 dots, only the two texts "Menu 22" and "Menu 33" appear

In this recent post , a user had the same problem and Erel tells him to use AddMenuItem3.
But then what is AddMenuitem2 for? And shouldn't icons come out alongside texts?