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Hello everybody.
I have a question.
When I start the main activity, I check FirstTime then I start a procedure to read settings from a file (Settings.ini)

If FirstTime Then
        If File.Exists(File.DirInternal, "Settings.ini") = False Then
            File.Copy(File.DirAssets, "Settings.ini", File.DirInternal, "Settings.ini")
        End If
        'Read Settings.ini file
    End If

Sub ReadIniFileIntoMap
'Read setting.ini file and fill al Public variable
    SettingsMap1 = File.ReadMap(File.DirInternal, "Settings.ini")
    strNameCam1 = SettingsMap1.Get("NameCam1")
    strNameCam2 = SettingsMap1.Get("NameCam2")
End Sub

It work's fine, but if at that point I click on the "Back button" of my phone, AND I start the app again, The Activity is full black and application blocked.
How do I have to manage the closing of Activity?

Same question when I use StartActivity(Layout2) and from Layout2 I click on "Back button"

Thank You


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Having "Activity.LoadLayout("Main")" in the FirstTime code section is generally wrong.
In this specific case is the reason why you see a black screen.
Move it before the check.

Note that if you start another activity w/o finishing the current one, when you click on the Back button while in the second activity you'll resume the first one from its Resume.
Watch video tutorial here.
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