Android Question Activity.Finish: What does it mean?


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Good evening

unfortunately, the Docs
for Activity.Finish is very sparse:
"Closes this activity."

Therefore my question to understand and prevent Bugs in my App:
Does Activity.Finish just cleans up internal B4A resources
or does it handle e.g. necessary Android tasks?

(I could imagine that B4A sends a signal to Android, for example, that an action has been received and processed so that Android does not have to search for another recipient.)

if there is a pendant for Activity.Finish in Android Java, then a link in those docs would be very helpful.

Thanks a lot, kind regards,


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think it closed a form/window and you can not use the back key to open it again.
it is the opposite of Activity_Create

at android if you have more than one activity in your app, one is active and the others are in pause mode.

you can navigate & exchange data between activitys with CallSubDelayed2
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