Android Question Ad-Hoc connections using WiFiDirect


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Hi Guys,
Does anone know if you can use the WiFiDirect library to get round the Android problem of not allowing Ad-Hoc connections ?
I have a need to connect an Android device to a WiFi Print Adapter (TP-Link print Server TL-WPS510U).
I have been working on it for some while and cursing Android, (Works fine from Win CE devices).
The TP-LINK device is setup by default as a client but can also be setup as an Ad_hoc device but Android will NOT connect to it, it does not even show up in the Available Networks list ('cause its not a client or an access point when it is an ad-hoc device). I'm running Anroid 4.1.1 by the way on my device.
So in desperation I downloaded WiFiDirect expecting it to be able to connect ad-hoc devices together, but again the TP-Link device is not discovered by the WiFiDirect discovery routine.
Anyone got any other ideas I can try.
Thank for any help, going bald with all the hair tearing out.