iOS Question Add new device problem.


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I added a device (iphone 5c).
i finished this step:
1.install the B4I certificate on my iphone5c.
2.the mobile provisioning file has includes the new device UDID
3.iOS Provisioning Profile is update.
4.Build B4i-Bridge: Tools -> Build Server -> Build B4i-Bridge ...OK

when Install B4i-Bridge...
It's show "can't download APP"

There are ignoring it? or the server has any wrong?


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Open the mobile provision file with a text editor. Look for the new device udid. Do you see it? Make sure that it doesn't start with fffff.
I was Open the mobile provision file with a text editor.
I 'm sorry! It's my mistake.
One letter wrong in UDID.

thank you very much.


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I don't find more how to install b4i on my iphone 4, I refreshed the memory, thanks

1. Make sure that the B4I certificate is installed. You can check it under Settings - General - Profile: