Wish Add the Round2 method in B4i


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In B4A and B4J we have the Round2(Number As Double, DecimalPlaces As Int)
Can you please add in B4i, if Is it possible.

Currently I use this workaround:
Private Sub Round2(Number As Double, DecimalPlaces As Int) As Double
    Private str As String
    str = NumberFormat(Number, 1, DecimalPlaces)
    Number = str
    Return Number
End Sub


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I would have used something like for comparisons:
Public epsilon As Double = 0.01 'constant

If Abs(d1 - d2) < epsilon Then 'they are "equal"

Much simpler than the implementation of Round2 which is:
Dim shift As Double = Power(10, DecimalPlaces)
Return Round(Number * shift) / shift
It was a mistake to add it to the core library. Its purpose was similar to NumberFormat and NumberFormat is the correct approach for conversation of numbers to strings.