Android Tutorial AdMob Mediation (with InMobi)

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    Excellent! Thanks!


    tested it and the error is gone altho it doesn't display the ad due to a "time out waiting for adapter" error.

    5.3.1 still displays the ads so I will currently stick with this while my testing goes on.
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    just see this one. and yes. 5.3.1 working super well.. thanks erel
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    I dont think we can use facebook ads because for facebook to start the app review , you need to click on a test ad to send a ad request. And to be able to see an ad you have to be the developer or tester of the app and I think that is impossible because you have to add the account for developer or tester from the facebook console and adding a person from facebook to developers or testers is ok but how will my app understand that i am that person and show me test ads ? I dont think this is possible if anyone has an idea about it I would love to hear them.
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    after long tries , I successfully mediated with facebook also. After I confirm all working , I will prepare a short tutorial for the people who may want to meiate wit fb.
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    I´ve followed this tutorial to implement rewarded videos on my app.
    It shows videos and receive the reward on the app, also AdMob shows me the report but InMobi stills empty...
    It is weird...
    Thanks a lot.