Android Question Admob Mediation With Unity ads


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Hey guys :)

I want to use the Mediation service on Google with Unity ads.

I've done all the steps in the unity ads service (add app and get cod and ......)
and I've also done all the steps in the Google service ( make mediation group and set cod and ...)
and my apps display well as Google admob ads.

To display ads from unity ads and google (mediation) , what codes should I add to the program and manifest? 🤔
What files should I add to the program?🤔

Thank you 🌹


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I see that you are trying to add a lot of ad providers via mediation.

Notice that most of them are pay per install only unlike AdMob.

When their CPM is higher it will lead all traffic to their ads but if people don't install you will earn nothing.

So all your trouble might lead to less income than what you have now with plain AdMob.
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