1. Spright

    Android Question Google ads

    Google ads stopped working yesterday? I got error code 3, and the requester pops up initilaly and accepting it gets me error code 2 starting yesterday. How can i fix this code? I was just about to release the app next month. I'm not even aware what is wrong yet. #MultiDex: True #Region...
  2. Lucas Eduardo

    Android Question AdManager Library ErrorCode: 3

    Hello, i'm using this library, i tested the example and did worked with the test ads, but when i change to my ads i'm getting AdFailedToLoadInter: ErrorCode: 3, ErrorMessage: No ad config. Is this happening to someone...
  3. Lucas Eduardo

    Android Question StartApp Ads

    Hello, someone know who wrap this lib? I'm trying to use the ad StartApp from this github, it's working, but the SDK version is 3.2.0 and the currently version is 4.8.11. Thank you.
  4. mcqueccu

    Android Question [SOLVED] Ad Fraud?? I need an Advice

    Google keeps Rejecting my App anytime I implement FirebaseAdmob2 in my App. They claim I am committing Ad Fraud? ABOUT MY APP It's a simple app with Formulas to calculate Employee Social Security and Income tax. POSITION OF ADS (3 Ads) 1. A banner Ads at the bottom of the Main Activity, 2...
  5. A

    Android Question [Solved] Admob / advertising id question on how to use

    Reading throught the code snippet on the link below: I am a little confused if we need to replace the admob unit id with the advertising id or there is no relation between both? I have checked the google link but still confused...
  6. Biswajit

    B4A Library Google App Open Ads

    This is a wrapper of Google AppOpen Ads library for B4A. I made this for @Jack Cole and he gave me permission to post this in forum to help other users. B4i wrapper is available here. GADAppOpenAd Author: @Biswajit Version: 1 GADAppOpenAd Google AppOpenAd. Events: AppOpenAd_Event (event As...
  7. Biswajit

    B4i Library Google App Open Ads

    This is a wrapper of Google AppOpen Ads library for B4i. I made this for @Jack Cole and he gave me permission to post this in forum to help other users. B4A wrapper is available here. iGADAppOpenAd Author: @Biswajit Version: 1 iGADAppOpenAd Google AppOpenAd. Events: AppOpenAd_Event (event...
  8. P

    Huawei Ads Kit

    Wrapper for Huawei Ads Kit. Based on Huawei Ads Kit v13.4.37.300 (28 December 2020). Github link. Banner, Interstitial and Reward Ads. Info about HUAWEI Ads Publisher Service. This library is for Huawei phones only, as all Huawei phones already have HMS Core app installed. You may want to use...
  9. maxh2815

    Android Question AdColony always returns OnRequestNotFilled

    Hi, I setup a project which uses adcolony to display ads. I use Pendrush's library to achieve this. My code is the same as in his example. It worked a few times, but now whenever I try and get an ad the OnRequestNotFilled event is always fired and an ad is never returned. Is there a common...
  10. P

    B4A Library AdColony Library

    Original library: Based on AdColony Library v4.6.5 (21 October 2021). Banner, Interstitial and Rewarded Interstitial. For Interstitial Ad and for Rewarded Interstitial Ad you need to add this in your manifest: AddApplicationText(<activity...
  11. P

    B4A Library Unity Ads Library

    Original library: Based on Unity Ads Library v4.4.1 (05 Oct 2022). Banner, Interstitial and Rewarded Video. v4.0.x - A lot of events, methods and classes are depecated or changed, full list here. If you use this library for the first time...
  12. Lyndon Bermoy

    Android Question Test ads can show but real ads don't using Firebase Admobs

    Hi. When I'm using the Test AdUnitID everything works fine and I see the test ad. But when I put my own AdUnitID using, the ads just don't show.
  13. Lyndon Bermoy

    Android Question Maven Artifact not found:

    Hi everyone, I am developing an app with adds so that I can monetize it in Google Playstore since I am broke due to covid-19. I followed all the tutorial based on Firebase admobs. But I encounter an error from opening the b4a file which says Maven Artifact not found...
  14. P

    Facebook Audience Network Library

    Original library: Based on Android Audience Network SDK 6.5.0 (17 May 2021) Banner, Interstitial and Rewarded Video. Library does not work anymore as Facebook ads must be served thorough mediation partners. More...
  15. M

    Android Question AdMob Stop sending ads

    hi, i recently used admob. I created one Native ad, it started working some days ago. Today i created other two native ads, after that i stopped receving the ads, even the first one i created some days ago (the event doen't trigger..) It is normal? is an admob behaviour? Thanks!
  16. M

    Android Question AdMob not getting ads

    Hi everyone one, i'm trying to learn how to use AdMob, there are too many updates in the forums that creates some confusion. I found out this awesome example from @asales but when i change the ID's nothing works anymore. What i've done: Went on Firebase to create a new project, downloaded the...

    Android Question ironsource advertising library

    Hello friends:) Which is the best and new " ironsource advertising library " for b4a ? Thank you šŸŒ¹

    Android Question AdColony advertising library

    Hello friends:) Which is the best and new " AdColony advertising library " for b4a ?

    Android Question InMobi advertising library

    Hello friends:) Which is the best inmobi advertising library. Is there a library in B4x?

    Android Question Admob Mediation With Unity ads

    Hey guys :) I want to use the Mediation service on Google with Unity ads. I've done all the steps in the unity ads service (add app and get cod and ......) and I've also done all the steps in the Google service ( make mediation...