Android Question [Admob] show multiple banner ads using 1 ad unit ?

Waldemar Lima

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hello everyone !

have some way to show multiple banner ads using 1 ad unit ? Because my Admob Account dont have Native Ads when i create a new ad unit ...

screenshot :


so I would like each panel with the banner that I insert in the CustomListView , it would be different from each other ... because it would not be interesting for me to display the same ad over and over again ...

example :

can I do this using Ad type Banner?


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What you try to do is against admob banner guidelines.

"banner ads should not move as a user scrolls, as users may try to click on the menu but end up clicking on the ad accidentally instead."

I must admit that it is confusing when you compare it with native ads which are banners that are allowed to be place in scrollable content.

Personally I would just make my content fit in a panel of 100%y - (banner.height+smallgap) and let the banner refresh every 60 seconds or so.
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