Wish Allow users to edit Bookmark names on Modules tab

Discussion in 'Bugs & wishlist' started by JohnC, Apr 16, 2019.

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    First, THANK YOU!!! for displaying the list of all the bookmarks of a project in one central location. For me, this was a very welcome addition :)

    What would make this feature even better for me is if I could modify the name of the Bookmark in this list of bookmarks on the Modules tab.

    This way instead of having the bookmark list look like this:

    Main - Activity_Create
    Settings - SaveSettings
    Zoom - Adjust_Crop

    If I could rename a bookmark in this list by simply right-clicking on the bookmark and selecting "Rename", I could then:

    1) Better describe what each bookmark is for, instead of just being named by the module name/sub
    2) I can sort the bookmarks the way I need by arranging the first letter of the bookmark name, so that I could create a sort of to-do list in priority order.

    For example, I would be able to make the bookmark list look like this:

    1 - Modify save routine to include new "color" feature (Settings - SaveSettings)
    2 - Add New Runtime Permissions here (Main - Activity_Create)
    Zoom - Adjust_Crop

    Being able to sort and add notes to the bookmarks could boost productivity significantly by having a central location of important sections of the project and notes on what needs to be done.
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