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I often need to jump back and forth between 2+ routines that are located in different module/files. And normally I would accomplish this in visual studio with bookmarks and simply jump from one to the next one easily.

But, because it does not seem possible to implement the ability (in B4x's IDE) to jump from a bookmark in one file to the next bookmark in another file, the next best thing would be if you could add another tab (in addition to the "libraries", "quicksearch", "logs", etc) and call it "Bookmarks", and this tab would simply list all the bookmarks in all the files, and display the line of code on that bookmark line, just like quick search now shows the line of code containing the matching keyword.

This would allow me to jump around to just the parts of the code I need to access without having to manually remember which file has the routine I am interested in, and then having to manually scroll the code window to the line I want to see.

This would be a huge time saver for me and I'm sure others.

UPDATE: This could actually work out MUCH better then being able to jump forward or backward among bookmarks because a list of the bookmarks would allow us to jump directly to a particular bookmark directly without having to cycle through unwanted ones that "Next bookmark" or "previous" bookmark would make you do!
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