Android Question Allowing Users to "draw" on Phone/Tablet Screen

Mike Webster

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I wonder if someone can point me in the right direction. I have an application that I am developing that will be used by roof inspectors inspecting the roof of commercial buildings. I have most of the application done including taking photos, storing the data in a database and sending it to the server but I am looking to add one more thing. I want users to be able to capture a Google Maps/Google Earth satellite view of the roof they are inspecting and then use the touch screen of the phone/tablet they are using to mark-up/draw on top of the satellite image. The marked up image would then be saved and later uploaded to the server (in the same way as other photos are). I was going to start experimenting with the Google Maps library but I was not sure about the drawing aspect of it. Any suggestions or tutorials you can point me to?

Thanks in advance.


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Search for "drawing on screen" or "draw a signature" and you'll find several examples (like this one)
Another option is this lib (it looks it does what you need, a background image plus free-hand drawing)
Generally speaking, there are quite a few alternatives to choose from. The best candidate depends on your needs
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