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I JUST got around to updating my b4a to latest stable version (8.50)
I can not get the emulator to run for anything!!!!!

I can run emulators just fine with Android Studio.
I installed HAXM
I downloaded latest sdk
I updated all the android images, etc. with sdk.
I DO get this error sometimes when updating the sdk

Warning: File C:\Users\Karl-Dev\.android\repositories.cfg could not be loaded.

When running AVD manager it starts then hangs up.
Title bar says not responding.
Installed AVD's never populate
I have to kill it with the task manager.

rebooting does not help.

Anyone else ran into this issue?

PC specs are

HP Pavillion
intel i5 cpu
16 gig ram
Windows Home - 64 bit

I know I could use b4a bridge to run it on a device. I like testing in emulators first.