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I could only find version 1.0 of the GifDecoder library and it has the same bugs that has been reported in this thread yet the author doesn't seem to have a solution? The ArrayOutOfBounds error that is generated close to the SetPixel function in his library happens sometimes, not all the time. I look at his replies and I'm convinced by the dates on the messages that the library must be dead on arrival which is very unfortunate because when it Does work it works okay. The crashes are unacceptable, though. Do you know where the library repo is? I can't find the link now. Also, do you know of any other animated GIF libraries for B4A ? Thanks.

I cannot say that there´s more than one particular situation where one gets the ArrayOutOfBounds error, but I´ve found that it happens with gifs over a particular size in pixels. One that´s 640 pixels high won´t load, where one that´s 320 pixels high is working fine. You can resize them here for free:


Gotta add though, that alot of images are not pretty to look at with a low resolution - as you prolly would have guessed, but this totally depends on whether if you just need small appearances, full screen, b/w or full color.


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It seems as though Android, like Windows Mobile, doesn't support the display of animated Gifs so I thought that I might as well port my Basic4ppc library for doing so to Basic4android.

Edit: this library is not compatible with the debugger virtual assets folder feature. See this thread for a simple workaround: http://www.b4x.com/android/forum/threads/animated-gif-decode-library.6879/page-3#post-247072
Why does the animation start again after the end of the animation? The picture is always the last frame


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