Android Code Snippet Animation with SetLayoutAnimated (Again)

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This is another example of using SetLayoutAnimated method that we can use to create animation. My previous example you can look at here.

Here is for main sub:
Main Sub:
Sub Animated(l1 As Long, l2 As Long, t1 As Long, t2 As Long)
    Dim p As B4XView = xui.CreatePanel("")
    Activity.AddView(p, Rnd(l1,l2), Rnd(t1,t2), 30dip, 30dip)
    p.SendToBack 'this is optional
    p.SetColorAndBorder(xui.Color_ARGB(255, Rnd(0,255), Rnd(0,255), Rnd(0,255)), 0dip, xui.Color_White, Rnd(0,20))
    p.SetLayoutAnimated(1000, Rnd(l1,l2), Rnd(t1,t2), 5dip, 5dip)
    p.SetVisibleAnimated(1000, False)
End Sub

In this sample i want to apply animation to one or any of view around them, i want to show animation when a button (SwiftButton) was clicked;
Sub SwiftButton1_Click
    Dim l1, l2, t1, t2 As Long
    Dim btn As SwiftButton = SwiftButton1
    l1 = btn.mBase.Left - 50dip
    l2 = btn.mBase.Left + btn.mBase.Width + 50dip
    t1 = btn.mBase.Top - 50dip
    t2 = btn.mBase.Top + btn.mBase.Height + 50dip
    For i = 1 To 8
End Sub

This is how it looks:

The animated object (bubbles) will keep behind of the view, you can remark the p.SendToBack line so the bubble will show above the view.

Another interesting effect when we put the code in Touch event;
Sub Activity_Touch (Action As Int, X As Float, Y As Float)
    Dim l1, l2, t1, t2 As Long
    l1 = x - 100dip
    l2 = x + 100dip
    t1 = y - 100dip
    t2 = y + 100dip
    For i = 1 To 2
End Sub

This is how it looks:

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