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Hi All,

I want to share my latest app created with B4A. This is long story project that ever postponed because some difficulty i face while working on it.

Since then Erel introduce new feature of B4XPage, not really interested at the first time. But Erel always recommend this B4XPage in many post i read. He also convert many new and old project with B4XPage.

Okay, i must know what is it and how B4XPages work. So i decide to do some learning-by-doing with the project i left for a long time.

Surprisingly though, this B4XPage solve several problem i found in the past. So i re-build the app from scratch. Its take almost 1 month and half in my spare-time of creating this project. And i'm proud can complete this project and work as what i expected.

Proudly present....Invitation Table

Screenshot_2020-09-11-10-19-34-934_com.rra.invtable.jpg Screenshot_2020-09-11-10-19-26-045_com.rra.invtable.jpg Screenshot_2020-09-11-10-19-53-021_com.rra.invtable.jpg Screenshot_2020-09-11-10-20-15-676_com.rra.invtable.jpg Screenshot_2020-09-11-10-20-45-978_com.rra.invtable.jpg Screenshot_2020-09-11-10-21-22-234_com.rra.invtable.jpg

For those who want to try, you can download all requirement file here

Source-code available for sale right after i finish my last Testing on PHP hosting server side.

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congratulations, very nice .. I would like to have the code to learn better to use the b4x suite, the cost of these sources?


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After resolving last issue i can confirm that final testing has been accomplished. Last issue was intermitently failed (timeout) when uploading zip file to server. Not like in jServer, we can insert record inside loop statement in seconds, in PHP side i must use Insert_Batch rather than regular Insert, now both working in seconds.