Anyone know a good rain dance?


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How to cope in a town with no water......

So that was an interesting bit of CHIT CHAT [to which I contributed] in response to @sorex and the second posting about it raining evokes jealousy :

Reason being : that here we have a particularly serious issue: because of the drought through the country a number of towns have either run out of stored water (dam dry) or very close to it. Including the town I live near.

Literally, the DAM IS DRY. Some fancy work has gone into an alternative supply here, but in other towns they have to perform some real rescue efforts.

Not to mention wild life and cropping issues......

Well the system of water storage IS there, it just hasn't rained -> someone out there is stealing our rain!:(

So, @sorex, @AnandGupta and anywhere else that get buckets of rain, send some over PLEASE.

@Erel we should learn something from countries like yours.......




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Or the recursive solution: walk outside with a bucket and cloth to wash the car, but... wait, you'll be needing some water first.



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Our water supply issues here were more related to overuse rather than underrain. There was a big dip about 15 years ago, and I said to a doom-and-gloom guy at work that all the government had to do was triple the price of water to $1/kl and the problem would be fixed. But politically they couldn't do that; instead they introduced water restrictions. Fair enough. Ironically, two years later the price of water started shooting up, because they couldn't make money selling less of it due to the water restrictions. So we got the same result in the end, just took the scenic route.

After that, the reservoir water levels started going up again. The city's still growing, though, and the population is starting to catch up with the water supply, so... let's see what happens.

Something like 70% of the water supply in this state goes to agriculture, and some ludicrous proportion of that was (perhaps, still is) lost due to open and unsealed water channels, so we're lucky in that we still have some buffer to play with.
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Well we do see adverse weathers in our vast country.
One side dry, hot, patchy fields, people digging deep to find water;
and the other side rainy, flood, people marooned. This is news of this year 2019.

Water tanker in trains was sent on one side and army helicopter was sent on another side, both to save people .

In Kolkata this full July which is a monsoon season, hot and high temperature was the norm !




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@José J. Aguilar :

:rolleyes::rolleyes: You call it barbeque we call it braaivleis. I had'nt thought of that algorithm; there is a public holiday here everyone calls "National Braai Day" maybe that will bring a Monsoon:D

@emexes / @Enrique Gonzalez R : that's what my wife says : she does the car washing (I know I know I know) and almost always rains the next day. BUT if she has to wash the car THAT much to fill a dam I think the car will dissolve first.

@Erel : gotta be near the sea. But many houses have rain storage tanks a small help for essential water, Oh wait, it has to rain :eek: (I live on a farm we cope and have learned over the years - take that townies!)

@emexes that sounds like what our electricity utility has done to us : they failed in maintenance over the years - asked us to cut down consumption to avoid load-shedding - instituted big time load-shedding to offset continued consumption - AND more than TRIPLED the price per unit at the same time. (that's a national supply everyone utility) AND the politicians were right behind them. Go politicians!

@AnandGupta : we noticed on the news : much of that is not good for people ; but a little bit of a monsoon might help here please : and some in Kolkata might have small relief from it all.......

Surprising what we all learn to live with isn't it?