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Android Question APKs Not Installing after Galaxy Tab A Update

Discussion in 'Android Questions' started by colboy, Dec 14, 2018.

  1. colboy

    colboy Member Licensed User

    My tablet forced me to update yesterday to Android 8.1.0 and Samsung Experience 9.5. I can debug on the device without a problem, but when I try to install from an APK, it briefly shows the usual dialog, which then disappears. If I install from ES Explorer, in the dialog that appears it shows the Version, size and Package Name as N/A. If I then press the Install button, I get the error "There was a problem parsing the package"

    If I try to install a version that was created before the update, it also does not work, so it looks like an Android problem. Does anybody have any clues?

  2. colboy

    colboy Member Licensed User

    Seems like something has gone seriously awry. If I try to download an APK from Dropbox, or via a link to the download directory, I'm only getting about 10% of the file, hence the APK is corrupted and cannot install. If I copy the APK directly to the device via my PC, it installs fine. I'll stick with it for a bit as time is precious, but may do a factory reset to see if that fixes the issue.
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