Android Question aPOI FORMULA


Hello, how can I see a cell with formula and tables.
I have tried with this.

        Dim jo As JavaObject = xls
        Dim evaluator As JavaObject = jo.RunMethodJO("getCreationHelper", Null).RunMethodJO("createFormulaEvaluator", Null)
        'now use evaluator whenever you want to evaluate a cell:
        Log("EVALUATOR = " & evaluator.RunMethodJO("evaluate", Array(row.getCell(12))).RunMethod("formatAsString", Null))

and also with this.

        Dim chlp As XSSFCreationHelper = xls.CreationHelper
        Dim eval As XSSFFormulaEvaluator = chlp.createFormulaEvaluator
        Dim evaluatedcell As XSSFCell = eval.evaluate(row.getCell(12))

But I get this error ...

Formula = + Table24 [[# This row], [ASSEMBLY H.]] + Table24 [[# This row], [DIRECT H.]] + Table24 [[# This row], [TRAVEL H.]] + Table24 [ [#This row], [H.NAVE]] + Table24 [[# This row], [H. DRIVING]] The specified named range 'Table24' does not exist in the current workbook.

Excuse my English.