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Today my update was rejected because :
If the user denies permission to track once, do not ask them to allow tracking again. All tracking activity should stop the first time the user denies permission to track.

If you collect data after the user selects "Ask App Not to Track" on the App Tracking Transparency permission request, please revise the GDPR prompt and clarify that you collect data but do not track.

The problem is, after the user click ask app not to track, our admob library detects the user is in eu and asks for see relevants ads? again. Apple doesnt want this. Is there any way I can get the status of "Ask App not to track" (app tracking transperency request ) and do not show one more time the admob gdpr question?

the last message here by @Pendrush doeesngt work for me because it is the way I am using it and it is rejected. In fact, that being approved doesnt mean that it wont be rejected with the next review. Somehow, we need to get the status of app tracking answer and not show admob gdpr message again.

maybe this is relevant for how to get the status:
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