Android Question App removed from play store due to collection of Android Advertising ID

Discussion in 'Android Questions' started by Yuri Cinesi, May 9, 2019.

  1. Yuri Cinesi

    Yuri Cinesi Member Licensed User

    My app was removed from the play store with the following reason:

    Google Play requires developers to provide a valid privacy policy when the app requests or handles sensitive user or device information. We’ve identified that your app collects and transmits the Android advertising identifier, which is subject to a privacy policy requirement. If your app collects the Android advertising ID, you must provide a valid privacy policy in both the designated field in the Play Console, and from within the app.

    The problem is that there are no ads in the app, nor do I use the firebase admob library at all. What should I do? Is it possible that something within the app is triggering this? Here's the project zip file.
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  2. Scantech

    Scantech Well-Known Member Licensed User

    I had this one before. I added Privacy Policy Web Address at Store listing in Google Console. Add the address and resubmit. and also might consider adding privacy policy within the app as well.
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  3. Yuri Cinesi

    Yuri Cinesi Member Licensed User

    If there's no other choice I'll come up with something to put there as well, but i'd just like to find out why it's giving me this message when I don't have any kind of ads.
  4. Scantech

    Scantech Well-Known Member Licensed User

    I don't have an answer to that question. I had 4 apps rejected which all of them contains ads. I added privacy policy in the app and console which solved the problem.
  5. moster67

    moster67 Expert Licensed User

  6. Yuri Cinesi

    Yuri Cinesi Member Licensed User

  7. Computersmith64

    Computersmith64 Well-Known Member Licensed User

    Sometimes that message from Play Store re the Advertising ID is a little misleading. I had the same message for an app that has no ads - it turned out the issue was the app allows users to make calls which is considered "Personal & sensitive information". The problem was that because the message I got was that the issue was related to the Advertising ID, it took me a while to figure out what the actual issue was.

    - Colin.
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  8. AnandGupta

    AnandGupta Active Member Licensed User

    Hi Yuri ,

    Looking into your project I found, "FirebaseMessaging.bas". Maybe it is triggering the message.
    Better have a privacy policy declared, as others have advised, and play along Google.


  9. GraemeW

    GraemeW Member Licensed User

    I had exactly the same problem - not helped by any information from Google Play about the cause. In my case I eventually discovered that Firebase Crashlytics collects the client Adevertising ID - without any warning to the poor developer. I see Yuri doesn't have Crashlytics installed but perhaps check the very fine print of the other Firebase components...
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