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Yvon Steinthal

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I am tired of getting the same message from Apple for this issue so i am trying to get info on why...

Here's the message:

"We continue to discover one or more bugs in your app when reviewed on iPhone and iPad running iOS 12.1.2 on Wi-Fi.
Specifically, the restore button is unresponsive."

Here's my restore button code:

Sub Restore_Click
        MyStore.RequestPayment("*********") 'In-App Subscription Product ID
        Dim hd As HUD
        hd.ToastMessageShow(Main.t.Trans("Unavailable on this device"),True)
    End If
End Sub

Everything works fine on my end, why would they say its unresponsive? I asked for additional info to Apple and we shall see what turns up.
Any ideas or clues as to why they would deny this?

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You shouldn't be making a payment request from your restore button. IOS apps with in app purchases are required to have a way for users to restore nno-consumable purchases.

Your restore button should restore the purchase, not request payment. When the restore request completes you should show the user a message with the result

The reviewer might be thinking the button doesn't work because you're not showing any message

- Colin.
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