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Can anyone explian what is it in the webview that prevents me from allowing the permission dialog to show to see any of these AR examples? I have a working example but the webview won't show the icon or notification to allow the permission. It works in regular phone browser built into the phone but not the B4a webview. I have full functioning VR app also that works flawlessly in the webview, not just the 360 type, I can load full models I built in 3dsmax so I have no issue with VR applicaions I even have gamepads connected to it all in a B4a app. My only issue are the AR applications. Im willing to work with anyone who has knowledge on the subject that will get this working. Its all javascript, it works so theres no problem with it other than the permission thing. Once this is solved we can make a library from it. Dont bother trying to copy any of the examples in the link they dont work like its advertising, they only work on your desktop and that defeats the purpose. Something in the code prevents the camera from recognizing the marker I went through hell and high water to find a code that works. I understand the getusermedia thing. Its something in the webview thats preventing me from seeing the device allow. It only shows error. Theres no point in me posting any code because it is not b4a code. The notification to allow the permission hides in background and it tells me I didnt allow permission to launch the camera but I could have if it would show me the notification to do so before hand. Now AR apps dont work unless the url is https if that means anything. So my site is secure https, I'm even running a webchromeclient browser, the page loads fine but camera is in limbo. So how to get browser to act like chrome browser in this kinda situation is the question. All my fingers are pointing to security issue in webview. My Samsung browser loads the page no issue, even the Adblocker plus browser loads page. Whats the trick to get webview to respond in kind? I'll will send you a hefty donation if you can come up with a solution. I do work for the museum it will be a nice profit for you.
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