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Discussion in 'B4R Questions' started by Mostez, Mar 19, 2017.

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    I need to design web server application to control Arduino I\O pins i.e. close or open doors, read temperature sensors and set PWM duty. I would like to implement something like this i would like to know also how to include images and login using user name and password.

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    I have some major reasons preventing me from using Raspberry, unit price, IO pin count, and analog inputs. Is it better to use command/answer model to control Arduino pins? i.e to host web application on local server, access this application from web browser, then send commands to Arduino via Ethernet connection?

    one last question please Erel, if I have to use Raspberry instead of Arduino, is it possible to access IO pins?
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    Maybe the ESP32 were an alternative for Michael1968.
    To me setting up the Rasberry (in total) looks quite unhandy.
    That's why I was enthusiastic about the ESP32 as a replacement for the Rasberry or a PC server.
    Meanwhile, the Arduino support for the ESP32 has been improved significantly.
    Among many others, there is an example for a webserver with the Arduino.
    To recall, the ESP32 has Wifi, BT, "huge" amounts of memories, and a lot of I/O pins on-boardand, and it is "fast" and much cheaper than a Rasberry.
    Due to other commitments I myself have not checked how far the support for the ESP32 has gone with B4R so far but the Arduino IDE in case might be sufficient for the moment.
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    Thank you all for your guidance