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    Athena - The future in computer interaction :)


    Athena is an ambitious commercial B4J project which is aimed to reach distribution channels with new computers allover the world. It is not just one application, it is a concept that improves and defines a completely new way how users interact with a computer system. It is a great vision that demands extremely hard work and thanks to persisting experts in this forum I am allowed to see my vision come to life and that's why B4X is the right choice as it is a complete bundle solution to make this project justice.
    It is therefore my greatest honor to promote Athena in this forum which hopefully will mean a giant promotion exposure for everyone involved in this massive project. A release candidate will be offered to be downloaded when the project is ready for it, you will know it here so click like to get a future notification. Until then, enjoy these screenshots.

    Here's the official program description

    Screenshot showing Athena v0.97c RC programmable floating menu with theme Diamond black.


    Screenshot showing Athena v0.97c RC with the Documents manager.


    Screenshot showing Athena v0.97c RC with the Modules manager.


    Thanks to everyone involved in this projects that provides technical help and assistance to make this possible and to Erel for the best dev framework on earth - B4X frenchise.
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  2. FrostCodes

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    i like the dark UI and color .. It is slick and nice :)
  3. ThRuST

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    Thank you. The diamond black design will come in different colors and there will be more designs available in Assets webshop and users will be able to create their own from a Photoshop tempate. This will attract users and make the application very popular :)
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