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  1. ThRuST

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    Athena - The future in computer interaction :)

    - Gaming mice support for every task

    *** Latest News ***
    Changed plans. Athena will not be released in September because of increased workload.
    Youtube can now be used as a mediaplayer for full albums which makes Athena extremely useful. There's no deadline set so expect this to take a few month to get done.
    It's a MONSTER.
    This project is really too massive for a one man project, but I do love the concept.
    Crazy how much work there's with this, but I enjoy working on it. Everybody will use Athena.
    The more I do with it the better it gets, so there you have the equation. You know it well anyway :)
    Athena can even work as a front-end for YouTube which is quite similar to Spotify.
    And no, Athena is not just a code-snippets manager. It can handle pretty much anything.

    Here's a screenshot Enjoy!

    Latest screenshot from 19th of August 2019 (Webpages can now be opened in the default webbrowser)


    Athena is a commercial project that is buildt using B4J. It's been in production a few years and it's more than a snippets manager. It's a knowledge framework with a programmable floating menu, among other "new innovations". It changes the way users interact with a computer.

    Release is planned to sometime in year 2020. The screenshot below shows the documents manager.
    It's not just one program even though alot of focus has been aimed to get this right. There will be a site and tutorial available later on for you to download this. It's worth waiting for, that's I can promise. Stay tuned for more information :)

    18th of July - Adding support for "Web" tab which saves the weblink together with each record. It's a hybrid between web bookmarks meets snippets manager. Interesting.

    Latest screenshot of Athena 0.98M (July 2019)
    A great bonus with the support of WebView makes the radio stations module play directly in the webview, so it's no longer needed to program them in the floating menu, even though there's a module for this, but it's an alternative if you don't want to load the main database for it. This might be useful also for watching TV while you work. Now that's cool.

    Introducing the Cryo-search concept, by making use of scripted search you can access vital information as quickly as possible in ONE place. This is what the Cryo search is all about. This is what Athena is all about. Power to the user, simple as that. Prototype screenshot. Oh and you can access all B4X products forum search from here. It's for the better I can assure. Here's a screenshot

    Athena now supports Unity



    Latest design in the making... Ladies and Gentlemen, Duologic Software are proud to introduce to you, the first tablet ever for the PC.. and it's software.. a revolution is in the making, and you'll want to be part of it. Because if Steve Jobs would be alive, he would love to use Athena, oh and btw, it was made using B4J by Anywhere Software... :)








    Screenshot of Athena v0.98e (June 2019)

    Athena June 2019_Blue.png

    Great News, Autopasting now works on Mac!!!! Here's the proof :cool:

    Comparison screenshots. Fancy gradients in all honor, but after an advice from my friend Ole Marius Pettersen (yea the C64 SID legend that is) that daily workflow calls for an easy way to locate the buttons, so I changed it with this in mind. He sure got a point saying that.

    With that conclusion, I realize that text and symbols on buttons should be easy to see, especially for important and small buttons. Larger menu buttons might not be affected.

    Gradient used in first screenshot
    -fx-text-fill: linear-gradient(#000000 0%, #ffffff 100%);
    And the below screenshot uses
    -fx-text-fill: #3f3f3f;
    Athena June 2019_Blue_v2.png

    Athena design Pad Black

    Athena June 2019_Black.png

    Two screenshots that shows the modules manager and a B4J documentation template.

    Athena June 2019 B4J database.jpg

    Athena June 2019 B4J Module.png

    Athena June 2019 Unity3D.png



    Skin Stardust, inspired by our forum star :)


    Power Pad (Latest skin)


    Thanks to everyone involved in this projects that provides technical help and assistance to make this possible and to Erel for the best dev framework on earth - B4X frenchise.
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  2. FrostCodes

    FrostCodes Member Licensed User

    i like the dark UI and color .. It is slick and nice :)
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  3. ThRuST

    ThRuST Well-Known Member Licensed User

    Thank you. The diamond black design will come in different colors and there will be more designs available in Assets webshop and users will be able to create their own from a Photoshop tempate. This will attract users and make the application very popular :)
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  4. Mashiane

    Mashiane Expert Licensed User

    This is great work hey, so impressed right now.
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  5. ThRuST

    ThRuST Well-Known Member Licensed User

    @Mashiane Thanks, it is my greatest honor to take your words to my heart. But I cannot really take the credit for all this. I just maintain my own vision and pick together the pieces of the puzzle day after day, month after month all while learning something new. CSS indeed was an underrestimated ally in this quest, but as with everything else all we need is to put enough time into what we want to achieve and that's what all there is to it. It's all the people who work just as hard as myself by providing libraries, modules and take time to dig into technical problems. We are all blessed to be united through knowledge and innovation. The concept of Athena started 20 years ago after a programming session with a netfriend named Kenny Dion who lives in Quinlan, TX. We remained in contact for 20 years through the net. He helped me catch up with OOP programming and one of the sessions we had he made a scrollable panel at the top of the screen. Since he got a job as a programmer and we was friends from the past he took the time now and then to teach me VB6 and later VB.NET. I created prototypes of Athena through the years, and I called it "virtual Kenny" :) It was my attempt to create an application that could serve just as when he connected to my PC with PC anywhere!! Well through the years we grew in different directions, and he got upset when I turned away from Microsofts technologies and Visual studio because I wanted to learn Java to make my "dream work on PC and Mac" and that's when I found out about B4X. I realized that it could be the bridge to realize my vision. I've faced alot of problems walking that way, but I never gave up my dream I still work towards it.
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  6. sorex

    sorex Expert Licensed User

    nice interface which reminds me of winamp's modern gui.

    the contrast of the buttons could be better tho as I can barely see what the icons are.
  7. ThRuST

    ThRuST Well-Known Member Licensed User

    @sorex Thanks. I am aware of this and as you state it is very important. The CSS theme can be modified for users own liking. The will be a forum where users can share modules. Each exported module includes a database for either the main database, floating menu, sound theme or design theme. That's why the development time grew steep. Those designs are extremely time consuming to create but the design is very important, at least in this project. To set up a forum for Athena is of great priority so I can get a beta version out. I am eager to see some interesting modules. I am not going to create too many myself since the project itself takes all my time. I just create the framework, then it can be filled with anything. So the design can look like anything really. I will provide my Photoshop templates for anyone interested. I would like to see a skin-editor but I will leave that to someone else since i'm busy enough as it is. Each design makes up of four .PNG images and a CSS theme. I've been using Winamp for years myself, it's great and the skin support is a great feature. I would like to do some fancy designs myself but I'm not Picasso, just a B4X programmer with some CSS skills :)
  8. Mashiane

    Mashiane Expert Licensed User

    I like a lot +1M
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  9. ThRuST

    ThRuST Well-Known Member Licensed User

    @Mashiane Thanks, I think it turned out quite nice myself :) I will focus on getting a beta out so you can give it a test ride. I've set the official release date to the 7th of September which is my birthday, yay 48!!
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    Mashiane Expert Licensed User

    Yay 46!!
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