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Athena - The future in computer interaction :rolleyes:

- Gaming mice support for every task

*** Latest News ***

Did some cleaning in this presentation thread, so just one screenshot now but a video is coming in a few weeks future to demonstrate the software further.

Here's a description
Athena is an application that is being developed in B4J. It installs a scrollable panel triggered by the mouse movement to the bottom of the screen. This panel is something of the carpenters workbench when it comes to assisting in interacting with a computer. Focus has gone into the documents manager (as seen in below) which easiest can be descibed as a table with a SQLite database that breaks down knowledge into pieces, this is 1.Category, 2.Document name, 3.Documentation, 4.Code, 5.Webpage.

All these is associated in each record. The concept has been boosted further thanks to a programmable context menu. These databases can be imported/exported. The context menu can handle many events which is defined in the programming sequence, which is as simple as click a programming button and choose from a menu what you want it to be used for. Autopaste code at cursor is just one uses of many.
This system works on both PC and Mac. Tests proves that the usable benefit is even higher on a Mac,
because the difference between Windows and OSX, especially if you're not a daily Mac user.

You can program shortcuts to folders from and access them directly from the context menu. As seen on the screenshot it can be used to store albums from YouTube, which means you can just install the Rock module, select an album and it can open up in the default browser. After that you can return to the module manager (another pane) and install another module for programming or whatever you like.

Documents need to be stored in the main database before a document can be programmed in the context menu, so it's recommended to share both modules so others can change things for their usage.
A beta is planned to be released in a few month time. Server mode now works and needs to be planned out who is to get an account and what Categories to use. These will be fixed and controlled by me (ThRuST). One idea is to have wellknown web technologies in there, which will make Athena the mecca for developers. However the system invites for users with any skill level to find the system useful, so the plan is to plant it in the commercial chains with dealers of new laptops.

There will be a surfportal that triggers from one of the mouse buttons, so a gaming mouse is highly recommended, but not needed. The system works with a standard 3 button mouse for those who don't use a gaming mouse.

Athena is a massive system that really is too much for me to handle alone, but currently I have no other option that to work on this alone. The concept started 20 years ago during a VB6 session with a scrollable Window at the top of the screen. I got the idea after seeing a scrollable panel by Creative's soundcard software. The idea has transformed into various projects in various programming languages, such as VB6, VB.NET, C++/CLI, C sharp and finally B4J.

The concept has led to some controversy because of the obvious vision to have it distributed in computers allover the world, which can be a provoking businessplan to some, and my health paid the price from a burnout syndrome 3 years ago, but I'm slowly recovering and the key is to balance work with rest and to live a healthier lifestyle that is functional on long-term. The system sums up my whole life as a computer enthusiast and user myself, so it's a system of great value that thanks to B4X and especially B4J, could be made justice which is simply amazing.

This would indeed have been MUCH harder to create in native JavaFX for sure. My vision is to create an AAA software product that can attract users internationally, so it's worth working on. I have plans that I cannot reveal at this current stage, but I can tell that it can and will be used for many other things than programming, even though I tuned it for my own use, so if it's good enough for me I guess it's good enough for somebody else, even YOU!! :) The design is called 'Legend' and is inspired by OSX Mojave. The colors are the same at least, simply because I liked the colorset myself.

There's a huge benefit by switching to server mode since references to technologies can be stored in there, but it's not clear yet who and what will be stored in there. A programming forum is something everybody knows about which has it's advantages, but also disadvantages. That's what will make Athena shine, since the complete working code, nice and tidy, and documented and commented will be available, all integrated into the operating system, YAY!

Latest news 8th of January 2020

Image shows a portion of the screen from Athena's Starcloud web portal (currently in development). I hope you like my work on this.
Users will feel at home instantly when this is done. Athena supports it from a shortcut button that works with default mices and gaming mice devices.
This system allows companies that want to be promoted to reach users and be presented in a quick and useful way, all thanks to Athena's user-friendly concept.
I've been adding links to Google services which will be extremely useful for myself in my daily workflow. At this stage it's hard to want to go back to traditional methods.


And here it is... Starcloud.

gb = Great Britain. se also works since I live in Sweden in case you want to try it. Just change country code in the parameter and refresh the page.
Feel free to change the country code to your own, it will be supported in the Banks section, once the bank is added in your country.
Scandinavia is supported as work progresses European countries, America and Asia will be supported. Be patienced, this work needs time.

Athena's webportal Starcloud is a mobile-lookalike surf system that adds this wellknown functionality to computers. This is made possible by accessing
this service from one of the mouse buttons. This invites for a superfast access to all the services everybody is using daily, from their computers using the contextmenu.
Since it's a webpage it can be accessed from the web browser and this opens up for mobile versions for Android and iOS devices "when it's done".
Like this wasn't good enough, the most popular links in various countries can be added and viewed thanks to GET/POST requests, which means the user
only has to select their country in mobile/Athena settings to benefit from this system. Gone are the days with links scattered allover the place.
Since the web portal remains the same, it's easy to locate the most common services that everybody uses. International services+local ones, that's a great idea.
It will need some time to build up many countries of course, and meanwhile the international links will serve well. Give it a try and see for yourself.
You can get used to it right away by storing the page as your startpage. This way you can access stuff easier, and yes B4X WILL be part of this, that's a promise :)


Athena supports split browsers. Combined with Starcloud it improves the way users surf the net by accessing vital inforrmation all at once. x2 Multitasking :)


Thanks to everyone involved in this project who provide technical help and assistance to make this possible, and to Erel for creating and maintaining the best dev framework on earth - B4X frenchise.

To Be Continued...
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Thank you. The diamond black design will come in different colors and there will be more designs available in Assets webshop and users will be able to create their own from a Photoshop tempate. This will attract users and make the application very popular :)


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@Mashiane Thanks, it is my greatest honor to take your words to my heart. But I cannot really take the credit for all this. I just maintain my own vision and pick together the pieces of the puzzle day after day, month after month all while learning something new. CSS indeed was an underrestimated ally in this quest, but as with everything else all we need is to put enough time into what we want to achieve and that's what all there is to it. It's all the people who work just as hard as myself by providing libraries, modules and take time to dig into technical problems. We are all blessed to be united through knowledge and innovation. The concept of Athena started 20 years ago after a programming session with a netfriend named Kenny Dion who lives in Quinlan, TX. We remained in contact for 20 years through the net. He helped me catch up with OOP programming and one of the sessions we had he made a scrollable panel at the top of the screen. Since he got a job as a programmer and we was friends from the past he took the time now and then to teach me VB6 and later VB.NET. I created prototypes of Athena through the years, and I called it "virtual Kenny" :) It was my attempt to create an application that could serve just as when he connected to my PC with PC anywhere!! Well through the years we grew in different directions, and he got upset when I turned away from Microsofts technologies and Visual studio because I wanted to learn Java to make my "dream work on PC and Mac" and that's when I found out about B4X. I realized that it could be the bridge to realize my vision. I've faced alot of problems walking that way, but I never gave up my dream I still work towards it.


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nice interface which reminds me of winamp's modern gui.

the contrast of the buttons could be better tho as I can barely see what the icons are.


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@sorex Thanks. I am aware of this and as you state it is very important. The CSS theme can be modified for users own liking. The will be a forum where users can share modules. Each exported module includes a database for either the main database, floating menu, sound theme or design theme. That's why the development time grew steep. Those designs are extremely time consuming to create but the design is very important, at least in this project. To set up a forum for Athena is of great priority so I can get a beta version out. I am eager to see some interesting modules. I am not going to create too many myself since the project itself takes all my time. I just create the framework, then it can be filled with anything. So the design can look like anything really. I will provide my Photoshop templates for anyone interested. I would like to see a skin-editor but I will leave that to someone else since i'm busy enough as it is. Each design makes up of four .PNG images and a CSS theme. I've been using Winamp for years myself, it's great and the skin support is a great feature. I would like to do some fancy designs myself but I'm not Picasso, just a B4X programmer with some CSS skills :)


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@Mashiane Thanks, I think it turned out quite nice myself :) I will focus on getting a beta out so you can give it a test ride. I've set the official release date to the 7th of September which is my birthday, yay 48!!