B4J Library AutoKeyGenerator: create Jetty compatible certificates using LEt's Encrypt and CloudFlare

Attached the source code and some description on a tool I wrote to generate SSL certificates to be used in B4J http server applications.

It generates and renews certificates (even wildcard ones) on Let's Encrypt and communicates with the CloudFlare API to do DNS challenging.
The code has been tested on Windows as well as Ubuntu.

The different steps needed to accomplish this are based on info found at https://github.com/porunov/acme_client/wiki/Get-a-wildcard-certificate
Thanks to DonManfred for his post at: https://www.b4x.com/android/forum/threads/b4x-manage-your-own-let´s-encrypt-certificates-acme-client.101385/#content

As this is currently the first version, issues are to be expected: please let me know when you encounter any.


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Implementation using HTTP challenging (not supporting wildcards but allowing for fully automatic creation and renewal for any DNS provider), should be easily implemented as well... I plan to implement it in the application as well...

UPDATE: support for automatic HTTP challenging implemented. New version will be available soon.
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This won't work for a self signed certificate and without a registered domain, isn't it?