1. yiankos1

    B4J Question [Supabase] [SOLVED] Initialization error

    Good morning team, Everything was working fine until i uploaded realeased jserver to VPS (fresh install). jServer was starting normally and webapp was visible but connection to supabase was unavailable. So i checked log files and here are the results: SupabaseAuth: User is logged out, this user...
  2. EnriqueGonzalez

    B4x Focused VPS

    Hello everyone! In the past few years i have been working with many people here in the forum with a wide range of projects yet all of them have in common that they need a server, sometimes for a simple JRDC2 and other times for a full fledged Jserver implementation. Well today i am offering a...
  3. I

    B4J Question is Possible Jserver as Websocket Server for OCPP16 ?

    Hi guys, is it possible implement websocket-server for ocpp in b4j ? info: client send non-standard map/json payload data b4j, example pdu code (payload) client : [2,"1234","Heartbeat",{}]...
  4. T

    B4J Question using Websocketclient in jserver app (non-ui)

    Im trying to Initialize websocketclient in jserver app. websocketclient will connect to outer websocket server and starts to listen after jserver started. Now Im getting an error while initialing. How can I do this ? is it possible to run jserver and websocket clients in same app ?
  5. Chris Guanzon

    B4J Question [server] How to handle postmultipart

    Hello, everyone! Please help me. How can I handle a postmultipart in JServer? I have a client using httpjob postmultipart. Libraries.httpJob.PostMultipart(Variables.URL & path, CreateMap("key1": "values1", "key2": "values2"), Null) I tried using getMultipartData and this is what I got...
  6. F

    Bug? jServer - Small file uploads are not written to disk unless they are queried

    Hello to everyone! I have found a strange thing happening that I'd like to share and get feedback about from the comunity. I have been recently working on a jServer application (with a fair amout of Websocket use) that will be receiving files to be processed. These files will range between 1kb...
  7. V

    B4J Question jServer - GetMultipartData file multiple not working

    Hi, I'm looking for solution for issue I found - if I use file input element with option "multiple" to be able to upload for examle 10 files in one time, then result of Dim parts As Map = req.GetMultipartData(File.DirApp & "/upload_tmp", 10000000) is always map with just last file from multipart...
  8. amorosik

    B4J Question Server-Sent Events - is available on jServer ?

    I'm reading a w3schools document where they talk about Server-Sent Events technology It is described as a system that allows you to send web pages from the server to the client So by reversing the normal data flow, it is no longer the client who has to query the server but it is the latter that...
  9. AKJammer

    B4J Question B4J Connection Pool Examples?

    Hey All, I've been scouring the forums trying to find some examples of using a Connection Pool for a B4J UI application, but while I've found references to "you should be using it", I haven't found anything that tells how. I've downloaded the library files, but there wasn't an example...
  10. AKJammer

    B4J Question Can't connect to Jserver running on Linux

    Hey All, I've been going through the forums trying to solve this one, but can't seem to get it. I created a Jserver as a webhook for SMS return messages from Nexmo (vonage). I tested it on my local PC running Windows with Postman emulating the SMS service. It receives the returned...
  11. W

    B4J Library AutoKeyGenerator: create Jetty compatible certificates using LEt's Encrypt and CloudFlare

    Attached the source code and some description on a tool I wrote to generate SSL certificates to be used in B4J http server applications. It generates and renews certificates (even wildcard ones) on Let's Encrypt and communicates with the CloudFlare API to do DNS challenging. The code has been...
  12. LWGShane

    B4J Question Apache2 Reverse Proxy

    I'm trying to get the ABMaterial demo app running on my VPS via reverse proxy. Everytime I try to go to the URL, I get an "Internal Server Error" message. It works fine when I access it via IP My vHost file: <VirtualHost *:80> ServerName abm.leftwinggamers.com Redirect /...
  13. T

    B4J Question jServer - detect websocket disconnect

    I followed the instructions in https://www.b4x.com/android/forum/threads/jserver-websocket-disconnected-event-doesnt-fire.79410/#post-503361 , but it didnot work. I have some small factors computers with ubuntu, if i turn them off, no closing the application client, the server detect the...
  14. Alexander Stolte

    B4J Question how to use bearer authentication on my own jServer

    Hey, I'm writing an API for my app and while analyzing other APIs I've noticed that many are doing the authentication with oauth. My question is how can i do a "bearer authentication" for my own jServer and is this free? Greetings
  15. LucaMs

    B4J Question Websocket, session and websocket handler class instance.

    Reading (and badly answering) this thread: https://www.b4x.com/android/forum/threads/question-about-jserver-websocket-handle.95966/ I learned that if a websocket was closed, the related session would not automatically be destroyed. So now I have many doubts. In my project (b4j - jServer), when...
  16. Pedro Caldeira

    B4J Question Web Server Handler

    Hello All, I am playing with the jServer lib. How can I make a handler that receives a parameter and returns a code to the client ? For a simple example that I want to do: Service Handler named payment that accepts a money amount 00000500 The service catches the...
  17. alimanam3386

    Android Question what is the best protocol for an app with 1m users

    Hi guys, Imagine an application you want to create for/with 1 million users. What protocol do you use for this volume of connections? my options for server side are : WebSocket ( jServer library - b4j ) MQtt ( I run a broker or MqttClient ) Node JS ( my knowledge is weak about it ) What do...