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    Create Apps to identify Music, Shows, TV Channels and more.

    Over 40 million Music Fingerprint Database & 3rd Party IDs Supported

    Check this website first to create your account and get your keys to use this library


    Installation instructions:
    - Copy the *.a and *.h files into the folder "Libs" in your MAC or in your MAC HOSTED by AnywhereSoftware, normally in "B4i-MacServer\Libs" folder

    -Copy the iACR.xml to your custom libraries folder in B4i
    - Select in your REFERENCED LIBRARIES



    Check this video:

    Version history:
    V1.0.0 (First public release - Freeware):
    - Initial version

    Author: Alberto Iglesias (alberto@visualnet.inf.br)
    Version: 1.0.0

    Alberto Iglesias (alberto@visualnet.inf.br)
    Version: 1.0.0
    • ACR
      • onInitialized ()
      • VolumeChange (Volume as Float)
      • StateChange (State as String)
      • Result (Result as String)
      • Initialize:: (bi As B4I*, EventName As NSString*) As void
        Initializes the object.
      • Start
        Start listening
        Stop listening

      • DebugMode As BOOL
        Enable/Disable Debug mode from Library
      • Author As String [read only]
        Author of this Library
      • Version As String [read only]
        Version of this Library
      • AccessKey As String
      • AccessSecret As String
      • Host As String
      • HomeDir As String
        Path to put database

    Download Sample

    Download the Library


    Check my others libraries in http://vnsoft.es/store
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