automatically send a csv file via active-sync


Is there a way to send a file (made by b4ppc) to my computer after putting my device in the cradle and starting up active-sync? Doesn't have to be programmed on the PDA, can maybe be a small batch-file on my computer?
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Ok, great answer!
I now save my file like:
Table1.SaveCSV("file.csv", ",", False)
How do I send it to a specific directory like \my docs?
I will also try to use the rapi lib. Looks even better. I can not figure out why it's a desktop-lib e.g. what it means. Does it mean I can not start this lib from a ppc?

By the way: thanks for all the answers to my (maybe stupid) questions. Please tell me, where do you find the time to do this for everyone? Is this a part of your job be anywhere software?


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You could use:
Table1.SaveCSV("\My Documents\file.csv"...)
Hardware.GetSpecialFolder can also be used to find the path of My Documents on nonstandard devices.

RAPI library can only work on the desktop. It uses Activesync to handle its operations.

No problem. You should feel good, these are absolutely not stupid questions.
Yes, it is part of my job.