Android Question B4A 5.x - Multiple Monitor Support


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Hi Erel

I haven't tried the beta yet, so maybe this feature is already supported.
Anyway, if not, could you please add detachable code windows and/or multiple monitor support?

The implementation could be something similar to Google Chrome's tabs, which can be grouped or detached at will.
Please consider this suggestion. :)

Thanks in advance!

My vision for my 2016 setup:


PS: I guess I should have opened this thread in the Wishlist forum. Feel free to move it, if that's the case.
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How did you build this nice configuration? Are they all attached to the same stand?
I built this nice configuration in Photoshop! :D

Never the less, as soon as I move to my new apartment by the end of the year, I'm planning to build a 6 monitor (3x2) setup for coding + 1 LCD for leisure. :) I'm going to buy six 1280x1024 monitors for ~10 euro each (in Poland)! Link


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Just rememebrr 1280x1024 is a fairly low resolution in terms of programming line widths and the amount of code you can see.
But sounds cheap enough to be worth it.
Indeed, at 10 EUR per monitor, it will be a sweet, sweet setup for my new home. :)

I think that working with two (or maybe more) monitors provides a huge productivity boost. The only downside is that you get used to it and can no longer work with a laptop.

Two other important "development boosts":
- SSD hard disk
- Notepad++ (instead of Notepad)
I couldn't agree more, Erel! :)
At my day job in Fujitsu, I have a dual-monitor setup. Despite having a 32" LCD screen at home, I do get frustrated with all the Alt+TAB'ing I have to do.


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At home I have single screen desktop and laptop setups.

Here I have a monitor to work on and the laptop monitor next to it.
to be honnest, I only work on the big screen and still using the alt-tab'ing constantly. (still convinced that it is faster than turning my head/neck ;) )

I guess it's all a habbit.

That setup is nice but overkill I guess. it's a typical stockmarket follower setup but not for programming.

What do you need for that? Do you need a special card for it like with DVI? or is HDMI kind of pass-through?


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Although, I do occasionally flirt with the stock market, I can't say that I really *need* 8 monitors.
I would probably be happy with 3 or 4 monitors, 2 for coding, 1 for Photoshop and 1 for Android emulation and web browsing.

...but then again, at such a low price, why not? :D Actually, let's make it 10 (5x2)!!!