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I'm a complete new user. I couldn't connect B4A bridge with B4A desktop program. B4A bridge always appears to be "Waiting For connections." state in my android phone whenever I try to connect with B4A desktop program. The bridge and the program are on the same Wifi network and IP address is also correct. It appears to be briefly "connected" state in B4A program status bar and quickly disconnected and "Trying to connect", then briefly "connected" again and disconnected shortly after. This process repeated until I press "Disconnect" menu in desktop B4A program. In B4A bridge on android, it always appears to be "Waiting For connections." state. Please help me configure how to connect B4A desktop with B4A bridge. Thanks.

B4A 11.80 (64 bit)
B4A bridge v2.62
Windows 10 (64 bit)
Mi Max 3 (Android 10, MiUi 12.5.1)


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Another possibility, happens to me, the wifi is in use by other members of the family/staff, and connection is not good at your end.
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The problem is solved when I load/start a project in B4A IDE. The IDE wouldn't connect to the bridge when it has NO project.
Thanks for trying to help me.
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