Android Question B4A data Source from Dropbox

Brad Henderson

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I have a windows program that runs my business on my windows 10 desktop. I have created a small B4A app that accesses the exported data from the desktop program while I am out of the office. I currently manually copy the sqlite database from the desktop to:
"This PC\Galaxy Tab A\Tablet\Android\data\b4a.example\files"
i would like to either save the database to a dropbox folder from within the desktop program and then pick it up as the data source for my app on the tablet or save the database directly from desktop program into the android folder. I have tried to save from the program (written in using Visual Studio) but it cant find the tablet as an external device? Is either of these a possibility?
Your assistance is greatly appreciated


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I guess the easiest would be saving to your dropbox folder.

It would auto sync to the tablet and create a history of file changes if you ever need to recover something.
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