B4A saves the day in 5 Minutes


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I went to a workshop on Integrating Telco API (Voice and SMS). After going through the API docs and figuring out the API and setting it up on my server with PHP in 25minutes, I was left with 5 minutes to work on the Interface. Whiles a lot of people were working with Web Frameworks, I decided to use B4A.

....In 5 minutes
-I started the IDE, loaded the Designer, Added couple of buttons and Edittext,
-Declared them, Added Okhttputils and JSON Lib,
-Initiated a call to the URL to my server where the API resides,
-Received JSON response and processed it
-Then Displayed a successful confirmation message box

and voila ......am the winner



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Next time you only need 15 mins. -> Copy & paste :D In the meantime I have my "framework" for all kind of apps (db's, encryption, php, etc.)


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either the original poster changed the time after your post or you copy paste by typing everything over ;)
?? ... I read it as a 30 minute task which could be reduced to 15 minutes next time .(with a bit of copy and paste) ...:)


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It sounds like to beginner that "if you think PHP is easy than B4A is 5 times easier" :D
Sure I basically copy and pasted the API and inputted my credentials...That also less than 5 minutes

Studying the docs took a longer time, the Trial Token given us does not accept some parameters which we were not made aware. So i kept getting an error even though I was using the correct values