Android Tutorial B4A Social Network Version 1.50

Hello every one,

The old version (1.30) of this social network can be found in this link:

After several days of work, version 1.50 of this social network which brings the correction and several improvements compared to the last version is finally available.


App Features

1.Mysql database
2.One by one chat
3.Group Chatting
4.Single Video & Audio Call
5.Online statut
6.Copy/ Delete/ Share all messages type
7.Delete conversation
8.Push notification for new message and all notifications
9.Send text message
10.Send image message
11.Send voice message
12.Send audio message
13.Send video message
14.Send PDF message
15.Share text message
16.Share image message
17.Share voice message
18.Share audio message
19.Share video message
20.Share PDF message
Integrated emoji
23.Manage profil
24.Post/ see story
25.Post/ see text
26.Post/ see image
27.Like post
28.Unlike post
29.Comment post
30.Share post
31.Refresh Home
32.Set users suggestion
33.Set users invitation
34.Set guest friend
35.Invite users
36.Accept users invitations
37.Set all notifications with date and time
38.See/ manage profil
39.See friend profil
40.See all post
41.See all friend post
42.Click on notification and open app to page target
43.Lock/ Unlock friend
44.Remove friend
45.Log out/ change an account

New functionality

46. Open PDF message
47. Post video
48. See video
49. Like video
50. Comment video
51. Take ant send photo
52. Compress image
53. JRDC2 server integration
54. Many others...

We have worked more on the design and improved several functionalities.
All people who have already purchased version 1.30 will receive an email.

Version 1.50 costs $65, for purchase and more info:
- Email: [email protected]
- Whatsapp: +243 975 590 292

Here is the file for the test : Social network