1. OliverA

    B4J Library Alpha/Beta testing of jRDC2 server with stored procedures support

    Looking for testers!!!! This modification adds support for calling stored procedures that can return zero or more result sets and zero or more output parameters to my previously modified jRDC2 server (https://www.b4x.com/android/forum/threads/modded-jrdc2-w-sqlite-support-and-more.85578/). It...
  2. A

    B4J Question jRDC2 +SSL problem

    Hi All, I am trying to implement SSL in jRDC2, but I am not sure what I am doing wrong. can someone please help with the attached example? Note: I have created keystore file at my cloud linux VM - but it is not on my windows PC, is this the correct process? if not and the keystore needs to...
  3. amorosik

    B4J Question [B4X] jRDC2 - To use another db server where to modify the code?

    For use with Microsoft Sql Server, Postresql, Firebird, and so on, where is it necessary to change the code to keep it working correctly?
  4. Angel Garcia

    B4J Question jRDC2 with SSL example

    Hello all, Wondering if there is an example of jRDC2 with SSL connection, just in order to put me on the right direction. First I'll go threw this tutorial: https://www.b4x.com/android/forum/threads/b4j-server-requesting-and-installing-ssl-certificate.55194/#post-346876 And later go threw this...
  5. A

    Android Question Example for LazyLoading from jRDC2

    Hi All, I can load/SELECT ALL data in a table from jRDC2 (mysql DB) with no problem, but I think this is not perfect in case of thousands of rows to return/SELECT from App performance standpoint, also I am aware that I can use LIMIT to limit the number of rows; however I am not sure how to...
  6. M

    Android Question JRDC2 - Use SQL code in parameters

    Hi, I use JRDC2 for an Android application with the MYSQL database but i have difficulties for one of my request, Is it possible to put SQL code in query parameters? In my case, I want to create "WHERE" code in my B4A because users can add a variable number of filters For example, we can have...
  7. saeed10051

    Android Question How jRDC2 can be used to access an online database

    I have reviewed the jRDC2 tutorial in which Erel has taught about accessing a database situated on a local pc. I have a mysql database on infinity free online database hosting site. How can i access it by implementing client side coding in B4A. Where i need to keep the DbrequestManager.bas file...
  8. A

    Android Question Load Mysql table into B4XTable

    Hello everyone. I'm trying to load Mysql database table data into B4XTable by using JRDC2. I can print results in logs. But the data is not showing in B4XTable columns it shows table empty. Anyone can explain how to load result rows into B4XTable? Thank you.
  9. Martin Fernandez

    B4J Question jRDC2 connection to MSSQLServer failed

    Hi, I'm using jRDC2 to connect to MSSQLServer DB in all my projects with no problems in several servers, today after installing all the requirements and from jRDC2 source running in Debug mode (I tested in Release too), I tested using the browser with localhost and this message appears...
  10. I

    Android Question [SOLVED] JRDC2 IN Operator

    Sorry, pheraps this is a noob question.. How can i use IN operator with JRDC2? Dim cmdList As DBCommand = Db.CreateCommand(Query, Array (X,"763043,763054,755123,759006")) This return 0 records This is in properties.config sql.xxx=SELECT Cat, prod, x FROM supprod where id = ? and...
  11. M

    B4J Question jRDC2 Dynamic Config selection

    Hi All This is my first post so please be gentle :) and I am still pretty new to B4J but have already learnt a great deal from this fantastic community. It looks like it is not possible but thought I would put it out there anyway to see if anyone has thought of or created an alternative...
  12. A

    B4J Tutorial Testing jRDC2 start to end on a VM

    Hi I have wrote this just in case someone needs to implement the jRDC2 on a VM on cloud, I know a lot of members already know this and it is definitely not a new information, but for someone that have not tried this before I think it will be useful to have a start to end process. Steps in...
  13. M

    B4J Question jrdc2

    Hi ; I´m running the jrdc2 , and change the parametres to use with firebird database. with : DriverClass=org.firebirdsql.jdbc.FBDriver JdbcUrl=jdbc:firebirdsql://localhost:3050/C:\CAJA40.FDB User=SYSDBA Password=masterkey #Java server port ServerPort=17178 buts sends me the following message...
  14. Alexander Stolte

    B4J Question jRDC2 PostgreSQL how to call procedures

    Hello, how can i call procedures in jRDC2 on PostgreSQL? I call it so: CALL myprocdeure(?,?) but jRDC2 says: org.postgresql.util.PSQLException: ERROR: procedure sdbspget_checkuser(character varying, character varying, character varying, character varying) does not exist Hinweis: No procedure...
  15. David Hawkins

    B4J Question jRDC2 SET IDENTITY_INSERT Tablename ON

    Hi, I have an MS SQL server for which I have the 'sa' password and I am trying to send a command, please see below: - Private Sub SetInsertOn 'Dim req As DBRequestManager = CreateRequest Dim cmd As DBCommand = CreateCommand("set_Insert_On", Null) Dim j As HttpJob =...
  16. C

    B4J Question JRDC2 Error fetching connection

    Hello, I am facing this problem trying to use JRDC in a Synology server. Downloaded latest Mariadb and Postgres drivers I created the JRDC.jar with B4J 6.51. The same error occurs when trying to use Mariadb or Postgres. I can reach any of the databases using a client administrator from my pc. I...
  17. E

    Spanish EJEMPLOS VARIOS: Modelo cliente-servidor con MySQL, ODBC,ANDROID,WAMP etc.

    Buenas a todos. En este enlace https://mega.nz/#!jKRDXCgT!3BgdgywykwpV4tXfR5A6s7lemuvj0Pl8DUnKajYkB0Q podran descargar un zip con ejemplos de modelo cliente servidor. Veran que no es nada nuevo pero: No fallan con las ñ y acentos. Corren en las versiones ultimas de WAMP (mysql vs msqli) Hay...
  18. WadeFisher

    B4J Question jRDC2 b4j and b4a: Client gets .EOFException

    jRDC2 servlet appears to be running fine. Using the tutorial example. When calling the jRDC2 servlet from B4A or B4J UI app I am getting an EOF exception. The error comes on this call in the BDRequestManager.bas ser.ConvertBytesToObjectAsync(data, "ser") Public Sub HandleJobAsync(Job As...
  19. WadeFisher

    B4J Question jRDC: java.sql.SQLException: No suitable driver

    Trying to follow the jrDC2 Tuturial but can not get past the connection trial using the browser. I am using the same connection string that I use on my UI program which works fine. The jrRDC example server is running on my development desktop, the MariaDB10 data base is running on a server on...
  20. R

    Android Question Problem with JRDC2 / java and "Object should first be initialized"

    Hello, I'm facing a big problem with an app developed in B4A already on production, that is driving me crazy. The problem started this morning with no reason. I was working yesterday and sent an update to customer to check everything was ok before upload it to google play. until this morning...