Other B4A v8.50 has been released

Discussion in 'Android Questions' started by Erel, Sep 13, 2018.

  1. Erel

    Erel Administrator Staff Member Licensed User

    A lot of work has been done recently with the new XUI2D games framework:


    This update makes it simpler to build cross platform applications and share files between the projects.

    • Debugger performance optimizations and bug fixes.
    • #CustomBuildAction:
      • Support in all modules.
      • Support for environment variables.
      • New "folders ready" cross platform compilation step. Useful for updating files.
    • The list of subs above the code editor was rewritten. It behaves better (doesn't miss key inputs and always jumps to the clicked sub).
    • file:// links can be ctrl + clicked.
    • B4A Sdk Manager v3.29 included.
    • BitmapCreator v4.18
    • XUI2D v0.99
    • OkHttpUtils2 v2.70
    • The WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE permission removed from the debugger.
    • Code editor jumps to the error line when there are Java compilation errors.
    • Bug fixes.
    Developers eligible for free upgrades will receive an email with the installation instructions. Other developers will receive an email with a renewal offer.
  2. Erel

    Erel Administrator Staff Member Licensed User

  3. Filippo

    Filippo Expert Licensed User

    Can you please explain how to understand this?
  4. Erel

    Erel Administrator Staff Member Licensed User

  5. Dianzoa

    Dianzoa Active Member Licensed User

    Wow! Thanks! But if I don't write games, is it convenient to update from 8.30 anyways?
  6. Peter Simpson

    Peter Simpson Expert Licensed User

    Yes it is, simply for all the other updates, new features and bug fixes...
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  7. mfstuart

    mfstuart Active Member Licensed User

    I just installed B4A 8.5. And now I'm compiling my app in debug thru to the B4A Bridge to the tablet, and I'm getting the following errors on the tablet. The tablet doesn't launch the app at all.
    Error writing file
    Error saving APK

    Anyone have an idea what this may be?

    Mark Stuart
  8. blong

    blong Active Member Licensed User

    Thanks for the efforts you put in Erel ... appreciated as always :)
  9. FernandoMassa

    FernandoMassa Member Licensed User

    it is in these moments that I regret not having bought the license for two years. mine was renovating for 2 months and ended 06/31

    next year I buy the Enterprise license
  10. hery71

    hery71 Member Licensed User

    Where to download this new update?
  11. Johan Hormaza

    Johan Hormaza Active Member Licensed User

    It will arrive to your email
  12. DonManfred

    DonManfred Expert Licensed User

    If you dont get an email and you think you should then you can contact support@basic4ppc.com
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  13. Erel

    Erel Administrator Staff Member Licensed User

    I don't think that it is related to the new version. Please start a new thread and provide all information you can.
  14. Alberto Iglesias

    Alberto Iglesias Well-Known Member Licensed User

    With this new version is possible to shared assets? I mean, pictures, icons, etc? to shared with B4i for example?
  15. JOTHA

    JOTHA Well-Known Member Licensed User

    Hi Erel,

    I made the upgrade, but since v8.50 there is a problem with ...
    FileDialog_Import.TextColor = Colors.White
    ... it doesn't compile anymore.

    Another problem is this one:
    ... when I want to use FileDialog (by agraham).

    Should I reinstall v8.30 (there was no problem with that)?
  16. Alberto Iglesias

    Alberto Iglesias Well-Known Member Licensed User

    I found another problem too, but it can fixed downloading the component:

    I the version 8.0 and 8.3 you can use slidingmenu.jar the component to put Side Menu in the apps

    Now, with version 8.5.0 is mandatory to use slidingmenu.aar, but is just to get the new version and put in library folder
  17. mfstuart

    mfstuart Active Member Licensed User

    This morning I started up the tablet and deployed the same app in Debug mode and everything is working as expected.
    Still unusual errors to have installing an app to Android.

    Mark Stuart
  18. Scotter

    Scotter Active Member Licensed User

    Hi. I bought a basic B4A (2 months of upgrades) on July 31st of this year. So I should be eligable for this new 8.50 version.
    How do I upgrade? Thanks!
  19. JOTHA

    JOTHA Well-Known Member Licensed User

    In this case, you should have received an e-mail with an upgrade link from the support. ;)
  20. Scotter

    Scotter Active Member Licensed User

    The only email I received did have a link to a page where I could upgrade but not for free.
    It says $41 (save $18). According to when I bought the last version on July 31, I would have 2 months of free upgrades.
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