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Hi Everybody,

I rewrote a new thread about a publishing problem.

I have with success builded my application. I've got some old macs, and the hosted builder option.

When I build a new app, signed as App Store release application, I use B4I built-in application loader, or any of my macs this the appropriate tool (Application Uploader from X-code).

Upload ends with success, application appears in builds, and few seconds after, disapears without any explanations. I have no warning or error messages.

Today, I remember that I've received emails when publishing fails (on an mailbox I never use).

And I still receive always the same emails :
App Store Connect
Dear Developer,
We identified one or more issues with a recent delivery for your app, "[AppName]". Please correct the following issues, then upload again.
ITMS-90013: Corrupt Image File - The image file 'AppIcon40x40~ipad.png' appears to be corrupt.
Best regards,
The App Store Team​

How correct this bugs that is blocking me since monthes ????

I've not any file of this kind, and, I thinks, this file is generated on upload (or compilation, starting from another one). I tried to add one file with same name and the good characteristics from Apple, without success.

Thanks a lot,




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I was using B4i in its last version 6.50.

I have solved my problem thanks your answer. I've clean all the Special folder, and done a new the main Icon.

Many thanks,

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