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The very first beta version is now available for download.
Beta testers should receive an email with the details.

Currently it is configured to work with the hosted remote compiler service. The local compiler module will be soon available as well.

This version should be considered an alpha version.

Once you install the IDE. You need to configure the paths under Tools - Configure Paths and then follow the two tutorials:
Creating a certificate and provisioning profile
Installing B4i-Bridge and debugging first app

More tutorials and examples will soon be available. Try for now to run B4i-Bridge and then debug a simple hello world application.

I've uploaded several "test projects" which you can try:

The beta testers group is closed for now. If things go as planned then the first version will be released during November...

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Dear Erel,
can I also be a beta tester for b4i? I am an old user of B4A, then I learned java and now I work directly with Eclipse, but I strongly buy b4i.

Thanks a lot
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First thing I noticed is the icon for the IDE uses the same icon as B4A and the Help>about shows it as B4A as well.. Maybe a B4i icon needs to be added/created? (I know it's only a beta and not the final build but thought I would bring it up)

I noticed B4 only has Classes and code modules.
How would you create a app that has multiple screens ?
Lets say I have a button, and a label and when I click on the button I want to then show the next page. Would I load the objects into a panel and then hide the panel when the button is pressed and then show the next panel with object in it ?

Or, would I use the following code:


Then when I click on the button I would call:


And it should swap the pages around ?
(I remember you saying something about how it does it the same as B4J but I haven't really played with that before.)
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