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I am using an iPhone 4 with IOS 7 as a test device. Connecting via B4I - bridge works the first time, for a minute or so then it drops the connection and the "waiting for IDE to connect" comes up and it nver connects again. The only way to get it reconnected is to reboot the phone. I have tried all sorts of router settings, rebooted the router several times, but the same thing happens every time I use B4i - bridge. After the failure all other apps, email, browser etc all lose wifi connectivity too, although settings shows it connected to my network and a strong signal. I am within 2 meters from the router.

If I reboot the phone, and do NOT use B4i bridge, the phone works fine, so I am pretty sure it is the B4i bridge messing up the connection.

Any ideas appreciated. UIcloud works, so I am pretty sure everything is configured correctly.
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