Android Question B4A 10.9 failing to wireless connect to Bridge


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I have a Moto X4 running Android 9. Completely clean setup. I installed B4A Bridge. Installed fresh version of B4A 10.9.
Trying to connect B4A to bridge via the IP address shown on the phone.
Phone just keeps showing... Waiting for connection.
Status line of B4A keeps swinging between saying...

B4a-Bridge: Trying to connect...
B4A-Bridge (motorola moto x4): Connected.

Connection between the two NEVER stays.
Computer is wired to router, phone is wifi'd to router (10 feet away).

Any thoughts on what is going on and how to fix it?
And, I have already reset the phone twice and exited/entered B4A twice. Doesn't help.
Also, I can PING the phones IP and I get response.


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I am having this same issue but with a Pixel 3XL. Only one instance of B4A is running. Tried adding B4A as an app allowed through the firewall - no effect.
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