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Hi there!
I don't own a iPhone nor B4i but I have some newbie questions regarding iOS that i need to clarify before buying a new phone and B4I platform.

I developed an android app with B4A and i am almost ready to port it on iOS but after reading some documentations about (not) allowed features in iOS i feel confused and sad about feasibility of porting to iOS.

I would be grateful if you could answer some of my questions:

- Is it possible to request for location at regular intervals (let say every 4 minutes) while the app is in background? (I need the most precise location possible for just 20 seconds every 4 minutes)

- Is it possible to scan for BSSID of surrounding wifi while the app is in background?

- Is it possible to contact my servers while the app is in background?

- Can i send a special push-notification to the device to wake it up and start some background tasks like saving data to database or force a location request or send data to servers?

- Does the app start at boot and run silently in background for doing the above things or must i open it manually at every boot?

Thanks in advance for your help!