iOS Tutorial iOS 9 important changes

iOS 9 includes several features which can break existing apps. Note that these changes will only affect your app after it was compiled with Xcode 7. For now this is only relevant if you are using a local builder. However the hosted builders will also be upgraded to Xcode 7 in the near future.

It is recommended to use B4i v2.3. It includes several internal changes related to iOS 9 / Xcode 7.
If you are using a previous version then you should follow these steps:

- App Transport Security (ATS):
When ATS is enabled your app can only access https urls. It will fail to access http urls.
It is disabled by default. You can enable it with this line:
#ATSEnabled: True

- QueriesSchemes: Apple don't want apps to be able to find which apps are installed on the device. There were apps that used App.CanOpenURL to scan for many schemes and find which popular apps are installed.
This is no longer possible. Your app must list the schemes that it will pass to App.CanOpenURL with the QueriesSchemes attribute.
For example:
#QueriesSchemes: fb
#QueriesSchemes: imdb
You can list up to 50 schemes.

- "Wants to open" dialog - Such dialog appears when one app tries to open another app. You will see it when you use B4i-Bridge. It only shows on the first time that the app is started (it can show several times in some cases).