Other B4i v1.80 BETA has been released


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This version includes several important new features including UI Cloud and support for embedding Objective C code inside the B4i code.

New features and improvements:
  • B4i UI Cloud. Similar to B4A UI Cloud. Allows developers to easily test their layout on multiple devices (hosted by Anywhere Software). Currently there are 4 devices: iPad, iPhone 6+, iPhone 5 and iPhone 4.
  • Take screenshot feature - While debugging you can take a screenshot of the device (Debug - Take Screenshot). Note that the screenshot only includes the app UI elements. Special elements such as camera preview panel will not appear.
  • DatePicker view added.
  • Support for inline Objective C code. This is a very important feature as it makes it much easier to extend B4i: https://www.b4x.com/android/forum/threads/inline-objective-c-code.49095/
  • Bug fixes and other minor improvements.
This is a beta version so make sure to backup your projects before using the new version. I expect it to be stable however there could always be surprises...

The mac builder itself was not updated. However the libraries were updated. So you need to update the Mac Libs folder (no need to stop the server).

All B4i users will receive an email with the download links.
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Congratulations, Erel . Excellent work. I can not wait to use this wonderful tool . Continue innovating !!! :)
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