Other B4i v6.30 has been released!


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I'm happy to release B4i v6.30. This update includes many important IDE improvements.
  • Find all references, quick search and find subs / modules tool windows were rewritten and are now syntax colored, the text is selectable and you can jump directly to the selected position:


  • Subs code appears in the quick info windows:


    This code is also selectable and clickable.
  • Show Sub in window:


    Allows showing subs in a floating windows. The text is selectable and clickable.
    This can be triggered from all kinds of places including:




  • Warning and errors do not hide other information:


  • Copy warnings from list of warnings.
  • Generate 'Create Type' Sub:


  • Copy events:


  • Modules list is saved in lexicographic order to avoid unexpected changes with source control tools.
  • Fixed incorrect missing file warning in some cases.
  • Resources in implicitly referenced b4x libs are now accessible.
  • BarButton with custom font reserved when clicked.
  • DateTime formatters locale is set to en_US_POSIX.

    Use this code to set it to the device locale (less recommended):
    Sub SetDateTimeLocaleToDeviceLocale
       Dim loc As NativeObject
       loc = loc.Initialize("NSLocale").GetField("currentLocale")
       Dim no As NativeObject = DateTime
       no.GetField("dateFormat").SetField("locale", loc)
       no.GetField("timeFormat").SetField("locale", loc)
    End Sub
  • Other minor improvements and bug fixes.

Developers who are eligible for a free upgrade will receive an email with the download link. Other developers will receive a discount offer.


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Problem with B4iBuildServer v6.30

I get this error:
/libs/user/developer/xcode/derivedata is not a folder

I think it due to the older Xcode 9.2 that I have installed.
This is the latest Xcode version that would run under MacOS - SIERRA.

Is there a setting for the "derivedata" folder be pointed back to the old xcode location ?
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