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I am dabbling with B4J as an Internet server - It seems to work really well. Remarkable I would say.

I just wondered if any of you have the experience to comment on a couple of aspects

1) How robust is the B4J Server, using MS SQL as the database - If it gets overloaded with user requests, will it crash, or simply slow down
2) How many user connections do you think the B4J Server could realistically handle in a reasonably heavy application eg, Invoicing (Using MS SQL)
(I understand obviously there are so many factors to take into account like Internet Speed, Server processing power, Memory, etc)
3) I guess I am really looking for some undertanding of the robustness of the B4J Server, as it almost seems too good to be true (which obviously it isn't)

B4J Server seems to be an amazing development platform which I believe can revolutionise my future application development.
My background has been development of full Accounting/ERP Systems using MS Access and MS SQL Server databases, and VB6 as the programming language.
Most of my Customers have less than 20 users.
B4J as a Server, leap frogs .Net Technologies, in my opinion, in terms of development time and ease of setup implementation, and I am guessing, also much better performance.

Is the short answer "Have lots of memory and a really good Server" ?

Also, I have found it difficult to find a Webhost that even understands this type of technology. Can anyone recommend a great Webhost for this style of application.
So far I am running tests on my own server through my own fixed IP Address - Works a charm.
I am in Australia.

At this point all I can say is "Sheer Briliance Erel .. I have been waiting for something like this for 15 years!"

Thanks for any comments


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Check this for a first insight.
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B4J servers have excellent performance and are very reliable.
B4J servers can run for years with no intervention.

Thank you guys - Enough said.
This is really the answer to my hopes and dreams.
As I said - It almost sounds too good to be true - Just wonderful

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