Bug? B4J empty form in VmWare OSX 10.13 and later


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Good morning,
I'm testing B4J projects to run on MAC OSX operating systems.
I have created 3 VM with vmWare 14 (osx 10.11.6, 10.13.6, 10.14.4), but in version 10.13 and 10.14 all the forms are empty inside (no objects inside).
Only in osx 10.11 works fine.
I used Java JDK 8u211 and B4J 7.31 (on Windows 10).
Does anyone know how to fix the empty form created with B4J running on VM 10.13 and later?
I know that on real MAC all works fine, but I need to test and run on VM machine.

This is the example code:

#Region Project Attributes
#MainFormWidth: 600
#MainFormHeight: 600
#End Region

Sub Process_Globals
Private fx As JFX
Private MainForm As Form
Private Label1 As Label
End Sub

Sub AppStart (Form1 As Form, Args() As String)
MainForm = Form1
MainForm.RootPane.LoadLayout("test01") 'Load the layout file.
Label1.Text = "v 1.16"
End Sub

'Return true to allow the default exceptions handler to handle the uncaught exception.
Sub Application_Error (Error As Exception, StackTrace As String) As Boolean
Return True
End Sub

Sub Button1_Click
'some code ...
End Sub

working on Windows 10:

empty (not working) on VM OSX:
b4J form macOS 10.13 empty.png


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Opening the Java console, it report the following error on my java example (but seems the bug is for all app using JavaFx):
2019-04-29 22:54:47.338 java[713:13086] CGLChoosePixelFormat error: 10002
2019-04-29 22:54:47.338 java[713:13086] CGLCreateContext error: 10002

Searching on internet, seems a JavaFx bug/incompatibility with VmWare OSX 10.13 VM and above.
Some posts resolve the issue editing a file called "GlassView3D.m". But I can't do it.

Anyone has same problem ?