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Hi all,
i am new to B4J and from visual basic background.
we have some legacy VB code that is in production use and we have the other team that is from java background which will be supporting the existing code base.

We are planning to convert existing vb code to B4J.
Is the java code generated by B4J Compiler is more readable (like variable and function names) so that the generated java code can be easily understandable by other java developer?

please suggest some better ways.


Thank you erel for the info.

Yes we are working on B4J directly without any issue as we are from VB background but our situation is we have little time and other java team that is expected to takeover the existing VB code base are somewhat uneasy working with it. so we looked at B4J as a tool that will bridge this gap.

Anyway it will be useful (generated java code) for them to understand the logic in java terms.

Thank you.
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