B4J Library [B4J] MacroPlay Library

Hi there to all...

Before some weeks created a MACRO-Recorder for Licensed Members...


This Library comes to "cover" the developer side to use macros at his app.

Need to add the following at your project:
    #AdditionalJar: jna-5.2.0
    #AdditionalJar: jna-platform-5.2.0

Sub Process_Globals
    Type MacroRecord(TIME1 As Long, KEYCODE1 As String, KEYPRESS1 As Int, KEYRELEASE1 As Int, MBP As Int, MBR As Int, MBPWamount As Int,MBPWtype As Int , MBPWrot As Int, X1 As Int,Y1 As Int)

An example of code:
    Dim macrosplayer As macroplay
    macrosplayer.MacroPlayinWin(Me,Array As String("Run","Notepad",B4XPages.GetNativeParent(Me).Title),"D:/test4.rec",3)
'this will repeat for 3 times the same moves-keys-clicks recorded at test4.rec / clicks and keys will only made if Run, Notepad or your App-B4XPage is on top
'so the MacroPlayinWin limits where will run... the "keystroke, clicks"... this is good if you want to be sure... where typing and clicking ! :) 
'if you don't want to limit and you are sure what you are doing, just use:
'This will run one time... the moves, clicks, keypressing... but will not check where all these will be...

It has the following Functions:
MacroPlayinWin(B4Xview, Array("window1","window2","window3"... etc), "recorded-file.rec", repeats)
MacroPlay(B4Xview, "recorded-file.rec", repeats)

You can check, download MACRO Recorder Utility from here !

ver.0.0.1 (20/01/2023)

So, you can donate anything you want to support me! And you will take the Library and full source code for Library and Macro-Recorder !


* I think that this working only at Windows... because of jna...
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